The Craftsmanship

At the crossroads of design, craftsmanship and panache, a love affair between a man and his leather began. Inspired by the coastal city of Calonge and Madras’ distinguished art of hand braiding leather

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Calonge the fashion brand in handwoven leather accessories, was established. Calonge is owned by the export house, Ayyappa Enterprises.

The Award

National Export award

3000 plus skilled artisans worked tirelessly to cater to global markets and also helped Ayyappa Enterprises clinch the prestigious National Export award from the Government of India in 1997-98 and yet again in 1998-99

the beginning

ayyappa enterprise

Vimalan Velayutham started Ayyappa Enterprises, a SA 8000 certified company that exports hand-braided leather accessories globally

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