Welcome to Calonge

An artisan-crafted label emerges, expressing affection through the elegance of hand-braided leather creations. Our devotion translates into refined masterpieces, synonymous with intelligent design destined to endure.


A passionate romance blossomed between a man and his leather, where design, craftsmanship, and flair intertwined. The exquisite art of hand braiding leather from Madras and the coastal city of Calonge served as their boundless inspiration.


In addition to responsibly sourcing leather from ethical tanneries, we are deeply committed to minimising wastage throughout our production process. One of the ways we achieve this is by collecting all leather offcuts from export production. Rather than discarding these valuable materials, we make dyes that are used to cut peculiar shapes from the leftover leather, allowing us to create stunning and intricate designs in our leather goods.

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A one-time purchase of INR 15,000/- or above, makes you an exclusive Calonge Privileged Member. For more info, WHATSAPP : +91 9840840509