Emerging at the intersection of design, artistry, and flair, a passionate connection unfolded between a man and his leather. Enthused by the coastal charm of Calonge and the distinguished art of hand-braiding leather from Madras, Vimalan Velayutham embarked on a journey in 2004 to expand the frontiers of this exotic design language.

And what a remarkable expedition it has been.

Deeply ingrained in our traditions, our concept of opulence is epitomized by flawless craftsmanship. Each stitch, from the inner lining to the final touches, is skillfully hand-crafted by our lineage of leather artisans who have perfected the age-old craft of leather braiding.

What commences with the intricate hand-braiding of vegetable-tanned leather onto a mould doesn't conclude there. It is followed by the meticulous hand-polishing of the masterpiece using rosewood to enhance the dual essence of leather. Ultimately, what imparts the finishing touch to our products is executed with the same exactitude as the inception of the process.

Our unwavering artisans employ centuries-old techniques of hand-braiding leather, investing countless hours to perfect each piece, ensuring that you bask in the epitome of leather luxury.

Our wellspring of inspiration is derived from the reinterpretation of timeless classics. We have reimagined the paradigm of leather craft, transforming it into a modern construction. With our four foundational principles - functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship, and vitality - we have revitalised leather bags and accessories that seamlessly blend modernity with enduring allure.

A journey that commenced in 1983, originating from the threshold of an export house catering to luxury brands in Europe, has evolved into an independently produced fashion label.

This significant progress has been made possible through the ingenuity of autodidact Vimalan Velayutham, who consistently challenges conventional luxury leather brands with his innovative spirit.

Our expression of affection is elegantly simple - hand-braided leather creations that exude poised artistry, synonymous with intelligent design destined to withstand the test of time.


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