At the crossroads of design, craftsmanship and panache, a love affair between a man and his leather began. Inspired by the coastal city of Calonge and Madras’ distinguished art of hand braiding leather, Vimalan Velayutham, in 2004, set out to broaden the horizons of this exotic design language. 

And what a journey that has been.

Rooted in our conventions, our idea of luxury translates to immaculate artistry. Every stitch, from the lining to the finishing, is masterfully handcrafted by our repository of generational leather artisans, who have perfected this age-old craft of leather braiding. 

What starts with hand-braiding vegetable-tanned leather onto a mould doesn’t stop there. It is followed by hand polishing the masterpiece using rosewood to enhance the dual nature of leather and finally, what sets the seal on our products is the finishing - which is carefully executed with the same precision as with which the process began. 

Centuries-old techniques of hand-braiding leather are employed by our uncompromising artisans who devote hundreds of hours to perfect one piece so that you can experience the finest luxury of leather. 

Our inspiration is marked by the retelling of the classics. We’ve taken the paradigm of leather making and rendered it a modern construction. Keeping our four cornerstones; functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship and verve- in mind, we’ve updated leather bags and accessories that interweaves modernity with timelessness. 

A journey that started in 1983, from the cusp of an export house whose clientele included luxury brands from Europe, transcended to a self-produced fashion label.

This headway was made possible by the virtue of an autodidact Vimalan Velayutham who is continuously challenging luxury leather brands with his unconventional spirit.

Our love language is simple - Hand-braided leather products that are poised works of art, a synonym for smart design that will stand the test of time.


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