At Calonge, our leather manufacturing processes have always involved sustainable measures using methods that minimize the negative impact it may have on the environment. A predominant part of this includes repurposing wastage from our Export production units. In other industries, if this wastage were not converted back to leather, it would generally be thrown into a landfill, which causes a threatening environmental risk. But instead, we reverse this process and signal our commitment to the circular economy.


Sustainably in the fashion world is on the surge and we value our commitment to this growing trend. Here, on this blog, you will find how we responsibly use our leather scraps year after year, and why this range of bags sparks interest in our customers, by using leather ‘waste’ as a creative resource.


We, as a brand are known for designing and producing premium leather bags and accessories that combine various types of hand-woven traditional weaves with trending designs. As and when we release our new collections, all the off-cuts and trimmings of our leathers are separately collected and also the defective leather pieces are regularly sent for repurposing. This is not just good for our planet, but also are the onset of special collections of bags and small leather goods made from it.


These are primarily made from excess supple leather cut out into small shapes of laces and then dyed in minimal hues. Following this, they are intricately woven together to form the desired design of the bags. These weaves result in some of the most unique woven collection of bags that one can own. They come in different sizes and styles, from mini pochettes, hobo bags, to extra-large totes. The weave itself is usually different in shaping and sizing from one lace to the other, as they are subject to the kind of leather scraps produced.

These interwoven laces create an attractive texture which is the first thing that will meet your eye. Its texture is made uniform throughout all surfaces of the bags and their leather handles and trims give it a striking contrast. The concealed zippers and magnetic fastenings make the weaves stand-out. The bags are soft to feel on the outside, and on the inside, they are complete with multiple interior compartments and a personalized Calonge lining.


            Another such in-house method we use is the one which results in our renown Flower weave bags. The leathers used here are the excess from each season’s collection of bags of different colours, which are then cut into strips and hand-woven together - hence the multicoloured weaves. This Flower weave collection is a traditional basket weave technique and is produced twice a year in different styles to suit your present needs. We also make other weaves like moulinet, freddy, dama etc.